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Full Power Selections

Today’s fast paced world we live in, constantly tries to steer us toward a spiral of junk foods and industrially produced foods with little to no nutritional values to offer compared to the natural foods like fruits, herbs, vegetables, fungus, roots etc, which have had gradual yet a diminishing effect on our natural inclination towards the nature and it’s produces.

However, the lack of knowledge isn’t as big as of a problem as the accessibility to these natural food options is.
And we’re committed to bridge this gaping inaccessibility with nature’s most powerful bounties. At Fullpower Selections we partner with small batch, organic local producers and wild collectors from the remotest valleys of the north west Himalayas to the low lying tropics of India to put together a comprehensive archive of natural foods, easily accessible to all. Every single selection encapsulates the power to heal and nurture our bodies and our souls.

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