10 Regular Seeds

40/60 8 Week Flower 

"This strain is a tribute to one of our best friends who passed away in 2019. We hand picked this one of a kind pheno from his garden and it is a crazy insane strain that’s straight GAS from the real gas days… It reminded us of the 2004 style Master Kush with a true original OG structure. Potent as hell, puts you in full couch lock mode and you’ll be as relaxed as ever ready for a nap. Super nice bushy plant that loves to be trained and finishes in 56-63 days and is a very easy plant to take care of. Doesn’t bud rot at all and most phenos get nicely purple on the last week. This is an instant winner for the real heavy smokers in the world. Very dense, very exotic and very special."

-Mendo Dope

Heady OG