10 Regular Seeds

50/50 8-9 Week Flower


We really wanted to make sure we had our 10 year old keeper pheno of “Vanilla Kush” from Barney’s Farm locked in seed form so we backcrossed her into the mix. This has the most amazing French Vanilla Ice Cream made with Mexican Vanilla Extract smell and taste. She has been the strongest against powder mold, bud rot and even caterpillar damage. This mother has tested at 28% THC for years and with Rosin we have hit over 8% Terpenes from very strict testing facilities. The type of resin this flower produces is what tricomb collectors dream of. This is also one of the most unique terpene profiles we have come across and definitely something you don’t want to sleep on. It is the ultimate Nilla! Most phenotypes will finish Oct. 10th for us and 56 days indoor." -Mendo Dope

The Nilla BX