10 Regular Seeds 

 30/70 8 week flower

"If you haven’t enjoyed Exotics Genetics “Grease Monkey” yet you are really missing out. This phenotype we selected is the most indica dominant one we have ever seen. Also it is one of the strongest against powder mold and bud rot that we have ever had being such a dense solid flower. This plant grows a little slower than most but so chunky and covered in an insane amount of trichomes. Super super sticky, guaranteed you will need to clean your scissors over and over again while your trimming. Extremely good extract strain of all sorts, especially our favorite…solvent-less. This finishes around 56-63 days indoor, Oct. 18th for us outdoor. The Nilla creaminess mixed with a red oil soaked rag is pungent in this flowers terpene profile. Once you have this in the stable you will want to keep it forever! Great for Pain relief, Sleep."

-Mendo Dope

Vanilla Creme Fraiche